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Common Installation Issues

If you follow the installation directions and your video does not appear, the most common issue is pathing, either the browser is looking in the wrong place for the wthvideo.js file or wthvideo.js file is looking in the wrong place for the player and video files. If this happens the remedy is to change the src value in the line of code above from src="wthvideo/wthvideo.js" to src="" (change to match where you put the wthvideo.js file). Then inside the wthvideo.js file is a variable named path. This is the folder the wthvideo.js file looks in for the player and videos. It is normally set to, "wthvideo" you will need to change it to, ""(change to match where you put the files).


Due to their screen size, devices display web pages differently than regular computers. Your video may cover up part of your page that has content you want your visitors to see or it may be off the screen entirely. You can remedy this by using the responsive feature(placing the video in a specific part of the page or disabling the HTML5 video. You can learn about customizing the Talking Heads Player here.

Installing on Wordpress, Joomla, or a Website Builder

Installing the Talking Heads Player on your website is usually very easy. Wordpress, Joomla, or other Website Builders can add a couple steps though.

Wordpress- If your home page is not an actual page and is just a template, the template to add the line of code to is probably index.php but every template is different so it may take some trial and error to find the right place to put the code. Other template pages could be main index.php and home.php.
Unless you have ftp access Wordpress will not allow you to choose where you upload your files. If this is the case you need to follow these simple steps.

Joomla- You need to create a custom HTML module with the title hidden. Then put the line of code into the module. You may have to switch your editor to No Editor before adding the code or it will disappear. Then assign that module to the page they want it to play on.

Website Builder- There is a basic logic to understanding how to install the videos.


The wthplayer and associated javascript files are copyrighted and may not be used other than with videos made by Website Talking Heads or its authorized resellers.

Customizing the Talking Heads Player

There are may options for customizing your own player that already exist in the Website Talking Heads default player. You can learn how to customize it here.

Specialty Players

We have created several specialty players to meet many different needs. From the ability to have different videos play each time someone visits your site to a Video FAQ, from a player that will jump around the page to a player that will play a different video based on which part of an image is pressed, we have the specialty player for you.

About Installation instructions

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