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// Copyright 2016 Website Talking Heads
// JavaScript Document
//Delay creation until page is loaded
if (window.addEventListener) {
    window.addEventListener("load", wthplayer, false);
} else if (window.attachEvent) {
    window.attachEvent("onload", wthplayer);
} else {
    window.onload = wthplayer;

function wthplayer() {
    "use strict";
    //Variables for Player
    var responsive = "yes", //You must place <div id="wthvideo"></div> inside the div you want the video to be in.
	iPhoneWidth = "256",//Witdh of the image link on iPhones
        width = "256", //video width
        height = "384", //video height
        position = "fixed", //fixed or absolute positioning
        left= "50%",//if centering on page change this to 50%
        right= "auto",
        divTop= "0",
        bottom= "auto",
        centeroffset= "auto",//if centering on page negative numbers are left and positive numbers are right
        color = "rgba(255,255,255,0.6)",//the color of the player bar.
        volume= "0.8",
        delay = 0, //delay start of video
        controlbar = "mouse", //options for showing the controlbar, yes, no, and mouse
        playbtn = "click-to-play.png", //you can set a custom playbuton
        exitbtn = "no",//show or not show exitbtn
        autostart= "yes",//autostart options yes, no, mute, oncethenpic, oncethenmute, onceonlythenpic, onceonlythenmute, and loop
        exitoncomplete = "yes", //option for player to close after video completes. "yes" or "no"
        oncepersession = "no", //option for number of times video plays "yes", "no", or "onceonly"
        vidLink = "", //make the flashplayer a link. Either leave this set to "no" or you can put a complete URL inside the quotes.
        openIn = "_blank",
        path = "wthvideo", //path to where the files are located
        actorpic = "eggsclusive", //transparent gif
        canvasVideo= "Angie_Sitting_Matte",//Just name,not extension
        h264= "angie sitting",//Just name,not extension h264
        // end Main Player Vars


With the rise of responsive websites we have added the ability to place our player inside a specific div tag. If you set the responsive variable to "yes" you can then place <div id="wthvideo"></div> inside of the div you would like the video to play in. This will place the video inside of that tag, where ever it is on the page.
When videwed on an iPhone this is teh width of the link image that is used.
Width and Height
These are specific to your video. Although they can be changed, we do NOT recommend this. It will probably make your video look very pixelated or stretched strangely. If you want to resize your video, please call us at 801-748-2281. We will resize your video once for free. If you need it resized a second time, there is an additional fee.
This can be set to either "fixed" or "absolute". Fixed positioning means that the video will stay in the same place with respect to the browser window while the user is scrolling up and down. For instance, if you have the video in the bottom right corner of the screen with fixed positioning, it will stay in the bottom right and not move as your website goes up and down. If you use absolute positioning, it's as if your video is fixed to the webpage and it will scroll up with the webpage as the user scrolls down.
Left and Right
These parameters should usually be in pixels and will make the video appear that number of pixels from the left or the right of the browser window, depending on which one you set. You should only set one and leave the other one at "auto". The syntax for 100 pixels would be "100px".
Top and Bottom
These parameters are same as left and right. They are with respect to the browser window, not your website. One should be set as "auto" while the other one set to a value of pixels. If you want it to appear in the same vertical position on your website all the time, use the top parameter with absolute positioning.
If your site is centered in the browser window and you want your video to always be in the same place with respect to your website, set left to "50%". This will put the left hand margin right in the center of the page. You can move it to the right or the left by increasing or decreasing the centeroffset pixel value. A negative value of half the width of the video, will put it exactly in the center. If you are not using this to place the video in an exact horizontal location, leave the value set to "auto".
You can tint the control bar of the player with the RGBA of the color that you would like.
Our videos at 100% are fairly loud. You can control the volume of your talking head by changing the volume here. This parameter must be a number between 0 and 1.
We have several options for how and when your video begins playing;
yes- This will automatically start the video when the page loads.
no- This will show an image of the actor with a play button. When a visitor clicks on the image the video will start.
mute- When the page is loaded the video will play without sound. A click-to-play button will be shown. When the button is clicked the video starts over with the audio on.
oncethenpic*- Will play the video automatically on the first visit of a browser session. During the same session each time the user comes back there will be an image of the actor with a play button.
oncethenmute*- Will play the video automatically on the first visit of a browser session. During the same session each time the user comes back the video will play without sound with a click-to-play button.
onceonlythenpic*- Will play the video automatically on the first visit. As long as the visitor doesn't clean their cookie each time the user comes back there will be an image of the actor with a play button.
onceonlythenmute*- Will play the video automatically on the first visit. As long as the visitor doesn't clean their cookie each time the user comes back there will be an muted video of the actor with a play button.
loop*- This will loop the video so that it plays continuously. It is recommended that when you use this setting you set Fadein and Fadeout to "0".
*oncepersession needs to be set to "no" for these settings to work
This parameter is a number that will indicate how many seconds lapse before your video will start.
This determines how the controlbar is shown in the player. It can be set to "yes" which means the controlbar is always displayed. It can be set to "no" which means the control bar is never displayed. Or it can be set to "mouse" which means it appears when the user mouses over it.
The player comes with a default "Click to Play" button that is used if you set autostart to "no" or "exitoncomplete" to no. With this parameter, you can make your own play video image, place it in the directory with your other files and change this parameter to the name of that image. We will make a custom play button for you for $25.
This determines where your play button (if you set your player to no for exitoncomplete or no to autostart) will be positioned horizontally in the Flash player. You can set it to "left", "right", or "center". It defaults to right if none of these are used.
This determines if your play button is at the top of the video or the bottom of the Flash player. The default is "center". To change it, set this parameter to "top" or "bottom".
This can be set to "yes" or "no". If you set it to "no", the video will stay open at the end, with an image of the actor and a play button so that the user can replay it.
This can be set to "yes", "no", or "onceonly". If you choose "yes" the video will play one time. If the user comes back to the page or refreshes the page, it will not play again unless the browser is completely shut down and the user goes back to the page. You can also choose "onceonly" which will play the video only once and not again until the visitor clears their cookies or turns cookies off completely.
You can set the Talking Heads Player® to be a link. Either leave this set to "no" or you can put a complete URL inside the quotes. The URL must begin with "http://". Using this will make it so that users can click on the video to be taken to another location.
This is the HTML target attribute and can be set to "_blank" or "_self". It works in conjunction with Vidlink and will be ignored if Vidlink is not set.
The default is wthvideo. If you must upload your files in a different directory, you can use the path parameter to either a relative path or the complete URL path to the directory where your files are located. It is this parameter that is usually at fault if your video spokesperson wont play. Make sure your video is in the path this is set to.
This is the image that the Flash player will use, must be a png.
This is the name of the mp4 used for the canvas player.
This is the name of the mp4 file in your directory. This is used for the HTML5 player.


The wthplayer and associated javascript files are copyrighted and may not be used other than with videos made by Website Talking Heads or its authorized resellers.

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