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Our leads have increased by 500%. Literally 5 times the what we were getting before on a daily basis. Consistent, high quality leads. Thank you for creating videos that get our web visitors to convert to actionable leads.

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Drawing Example
Road Dog
Drawing Example
Drawing Example
Sketch Example
NuttiPetZ FroHog
Drawing Example
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Vitamin Seed
Drawing Example
Cofense Triage
Explainer Example
Military City
Sketch Example
Explainer Example
Sketch Example
Explainer Example
Whiteboard Example
Four Seasons Maui
Whiteboard Animation Example
Gorilla Desk
Talking Heads® Whiteboard RSS Feed
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Moto Rewards
Animated Video Example
Animation Example
Santa Christmas Video
Animated Video Example
Aliens Animated
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El Bronco Insurance
Animated Explainer Example
Ring A Rush

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At Talking Heads we don't just make Animated Explainer and Whiteboard Videos. We have spent years studying the art of persuasion and communication. Your story must be told well. So we collaborate to customize and create a video that boost leads and increases sales in your product or service.

Whiteboard Videos stimulate your viewers' brains. Mirror neutrons in the brain make the viewer think it's his or her hand drawing, triggering positive energy in the brain and increasing the viewers' capacity to focus and remember. The brain is now curious and pays more attention wondering what the whiteboard drawing will become. As it tries to guess what the sketch will become, it focuses more and rewards itself. This happens over and over. Whiteboard sketch is like a time machine with each new drawing practically hypnotizing your viewer. Because of this hyper focus, the viewer also remembers more of your whiteboard video than regular videos.

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We have been passionately assisting companies and individuals enhance their Internet marketing. We comprehend business of Internet Video and Internet Marketing is our specialized. We pride ourselves on our high quality, professional spokespeople.
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Our individualized method is exactly what sets us apart from the competitors. You will get your very own Project Manager. All technical help is by internal by the individuals that create our videos. A Video from us gives your site the add edge of contemporary strategies. That capture your website visitors' eyes and ears
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Having video on your site is crucial for businesses contending for a leading position in online search engine rankings such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Custom Video Presentations impress possible customers and consumers that visit your site.
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