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Spokesperson video*

Special #1

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Spokesperson video*

Special #2

Multiple Video Special

Choose only ONE Featured Actor
All special packages must be shot at same time, for same domain
30 Second Video $399
60 Second Video $499

30 Second=41-90 Words, 60 Second=91-180 Words

*Spokesperson filmed on GREEN SCREEN with a solid color background or an image background only

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Keep Visitors on Your Site

Studies show that approximately 90% of web visitors leave a site almost right away, and 55% of these people just spend about 15 seconds on websites. Given that online search engines generate millions of outcomes, your possible clients have tons of alternatives. People won't remain on an unprofessional and boring site.

To get your audiences to spend more time on your site and buy your products, you need to get a video with one of our Professional Spokespeople.

Using a spokesperson to your site can give you many benefits, increasing your earnings and making your site more popular. The main function of transparent videos engage your visitors, but it's not the only advantage that you can get from incorporating a website spokesperson.

How to Choose Your Talking Heads® Special

With the Talking Heads® Special you get to choose from one of two professional spokespeople. There are three major factors to consider:

What should your spokesperson look like?
There are many factors that go into choosing a good spokesperson for your company. One of these factors is their appearance. Who would you trust more, an unkempt man or woman in a suit or someone who looks like they take care of themselves? Appearance says a lot about someone, so it's important to choose someone with a good image for your company.
What should your spokesperson sound like?
For many, the idea of a spokesperson conjures up images of a charismatic and eloquent individual who delivers their message with conviction. The transparent video technology allows viewers to see the person behind the talking head and know that they are listening to a real person's voice.
What does a Talking Heads Spokesperson Special cost?
A Talking Heads Spokesperson Special is a transparent video with a human spokesperson. The price depends on how many videos are needed and the length of your script. See the above price list.

A website spokesperson is a digital representation of your brand. They speak for or represent a company, organization, or institution. They are often used in advertising and other public relations. They can be used for a variety of purposes, the most common being to create a sense of trust and credibility for your company.