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Logo Reveals

Logo Stinger, Logo Reveal, Logo Animation, Video Intro or Outro

Do you want to improve your Video Marketing?

With a professional Logo Sting, we can put your logo into motion and highlight your brand in your next video. We will create an animation style fits your brand. You need your logo animation to grab your viewer's attention right away and leave them with a positive impression. And you only have a few seconds in your video to get your brand features, so you have to make them count.

Everyday people create millions of new videos. So it is becoming more and more difficult for a video to stand out. Many viewers stop watching after the first 15-20 seconds because the video is not engaging. With a Logo Sting, you can increase the time visitors are on your site. Show your viewers that you are serious about your business. A Logo Sting, also known as a Logo Reveal, Logo Intro, or Logo Animation, will help your video stand out.

Talking Heads® can create an engaging, professional Logo Sting for your next video project.