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Talking Heads® has earned many awards over the years.

These include Video Production, Our Video Spokespeople, Explainer Videos, and Video SEO.

Virtual Spokesperson

A virtual spokesperson is a border-less video of a person that seems to speak to the website visitor. This type of video have a transparent background. This makes it seem as if the spokesperson has popped out of the website and is walking around in front of the page. This kind of video will grab the attention of website visitors so they can do one or more of the following:

  • Greet Visitors to Your Site
  • Talk About Current Sales
  • Point Out Specific Things on the Page
  • Guide Visitors Around the Page
  • Give News Updates

Crowd Reviews

Website Talking Heads helps businesses of all sizes increase conversion rates and boost sales by creating compelling videos to persuade prospects to take action.

Since 2001 we have been passionately helping people and businesses improve their Internet marketing. We combine the power of professional actors and actresses with the best in Internet marketing to promote your business. Our videos are all shot and built here at our headquarters to maintain quality and precision. We do not outsource our filming to any other studios. It is all filmed HERE!

Our whiteboard video services are sought after by some of the largest companies in the world. We collaborate with clients to create engaging animations to enlighten, inspire and motive viewers. Our clients call us their secret weapon to creating a compelling message.

Explainer Video

Explainer videos focus on one of two things. How your product works or how it will help target consumers address their needs and desires. Here is a list of goals that explainer videos aim to achieve:

Increase Brand Awareness
Explainer videos use visual and audio elments to capture the personality of your brand. Viewers remember your business name and develope a positive feeling toward it.
Explain the Purpose and Goals of Your Business
There is no better way to make people understand your goals than to explain them in an engaging way. Explainer videos use straightforward approaches that minimize fluff. They let the audience process only the important details and avoid confusion.
Improve Your Online Visibility
Explainer videos attract more traffic to your business website. You place videos on important pages that need traffic.
Provide Useful Information
More than explaining your business goals and purposes. Explainer videos can provide information about your product that consumers can use. When people understand a products uses, they are more willing to buy.
Increase Conversions
Your business can only profit from your explainer videos when the viewers buy. Explainer videos use prompts in the script that persuade the viewers.

Video SEO

Nowadays, Video SEO plays a major role in the search engine results positioning of your site. It improves your business by increasing the visibility to your website on search engines like Yahoo, Bing, and Google. This results with increasing website site visitors and establishment with the brand. This helps in sustaining a loyal customer base.

Even if you know about search engine search optimization tactics, it is difficult to perform these strategies without any help. This is a technical job, which requires time, expertise and the right tools. That is why it is imperative to SEO professionals to perform this task of search engine ranking for your online business. Assigning the task of digital marketing to the experienced vSEO company will help you focus on your goals. No need to worry about the promotional aspects with the business site. Video SEO Will save you time and energy.

Video can bring your ideas to life. Automate your sales processes and convert leads with videos. Get your website visitors attention turn them into leads and make them customers for life.

Video Production

We create video productions that enhance your primary vision without breaking your bank. Compared to burning through tens of thousands on a "viral video", we make videos that meet your needs all day, every day. While conveying a trusted message to prospective clients. By using a spokesperson to give your message with style, you are discovering rich media to impact your leads.

With our tailor-made Video Presentations you get:

  • Professional Spokesperson
  • Skilled Editing and Compositing
  • Motion Graphics
  • Graphics
  • Effects

Great for a website Demonstration, Sales Video, Product Demonstration, or Educational Video.

Video SEO

Video SEO(vSEO) is the process of using video to drive viewers to your site. It involves creating engaging and informational videos about your brand, products or services. What is the secret of using video to promote your website? Make videos that are fascinating, amusing and above all else, useful. That is why you need a professional video from Talking Heads Once you have a video created you can post it to some of the many video sharing sites that let you post your videos. Also, most social media apps let you post a video now. The main reason web designers are using video to drive traffic is the ease that it connects with viewers. Video can also supply them with essential info about your brand, products or services.

Virtual Spokesperson

Selecting a video spokesperson company can be tricky. The good news is there are many companies which specialize in Virtual Spokesperson Videos. Many can provide exceptional video production services for the competitive prices. There are three major factors you should research before buying:

  • Reputation
  • Price
  • Example Videos

This allows you to get the best spokesperson video within the best price potential. You can obtain an engaging video designed to get your message across to the target audience.

It's best to choose a specialist that is reliable and experienced. Choose Website Talking Heads® for your Website Spokesperson needs.

Video Production

We have over 10 years of experience in video production and specialize in website video production. You will love working with Talking Heads®. First is our commitment to duty and strict adherence to professional best practices. Then there is the creativity we bring to our videos. We frown on banal, murky, insipid videos so we aim to make jaws hit the floor with each video we make. These are just some hallmarks of the Talking Head way.

Our team of experts include:

  • Video Editors
  • Film Crew
  • Spokespeople
  • Animators
  • Compositors

We work tirelessly to discover the latest techniques, hone new skills, and use the latest tools to make the best video for you.

Video Production

We can describe your product, service or procedure in an Animated Video! Our Animated Videos will explain your proces step-by-step. We develop custom video material tailored for your organization and marketing objectives.

Our Animated Videos focus on your message. Great video animation is your ticket to improving brand awareness and boosting sales. For more than a decade we've refined the skills and processes for great video production. At Talking Heads® we craft videos that deliver messages clearly. Success, no matter how you determine it, depends upon delivering a message that's crystal-clear. They have quantifiable outcomes for companies big and small. Our experienced and knowledgeable team will clarifies your message through video.

Talking Heads® can create a Animation Video for you that will engage viewers, improve brand awareness and boost sales

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