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Need a quick sales message for video advertising, your website, YouTube, or video SEO?

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  1. Send us your script.
  2. Provide your Logo and 4 images.
  3. We do the rest!
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Power Punch Videos

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Template Video - Accident Law
Template Video - Landscaping
Template Video - Car Repair
Template Video - Real Estate
Template Video - Catering
Template Video - Car Dealership
Template Video - General Law
Template Video - Real Estate2
Template Video - Private School
Template Video - Plastic Surgery
Template Video - Mortgage Broker
Template Video - Doctor - Pediatrician
Template Video - Dentistry General
Template Video - Accident Lawyers
Template Video - Dentist - Pediatric
Template Video - Car Dealer
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It's As Simple As 1 - 2 - 3

  • Step 1: Choose Your Package

  • Step 2: Video Planning Session

  • Step 3: Receive Your Video

  • Step 1
    Purchase the package that will help you best reach your business goal. We recommend giving us call.
  • Step 2
    Once you have purchased your package, we will have a creative and strategic consultation where together we will decide what text, images or graphics will appear with the spokesperson.
  • Step 3
    2 to 3 weeks after providing us with your specific logos, any other visual elements decided upon, you will receive your completed video.
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Online video spokesperson. For only $199, add a virtual spokesperson to your website. An online presenter can increase traffic conversion rates on your website. Integrate flash video, website video, website actor and objects to create dynamic streaming video and easily add it your existing website.