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Video Typography

Watch text come to life in these awesome kinetic typography animation videos.

Kinetic Typography or Motion Typography refers to the art and technique of expression with animated text.

From television commercials to website landing pages Kinetic typography seems to be everywhere these days. Moving type is a popular visual tool. There are a number of reasons but one obvious factor is that it catches your attention. Humans are drawn to words and want to read them.

Kinetic typography enhances the expressive power of words so that they cause a more immediate, involuntary reaction in the reader.

Kinetic typography refers to the creation of moving text. It is a group of animation techniques that are used to make words bounce, grow, shrink, fly, move quickly or slowly, change color and many other ways for the viewer. The effect can be simple and short with only small changes or quite elaborate and lengthy. Kinetic typography puts this together with some simple animations to create words that move on the screen, grabbing your attention and engaging the senses.

It’s a great marketing vehicle for those looking to send a message without losing their audience. With the advent of YouTube and other video sharing sites, it is a great way to engage, inform and excite your viewers

Talking Heads® can create an engaging, professional Kinetic Typography Video for your next video project.

We create high impact, exciting VIDEOS that explain your product, service, software or business.