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Whiteboard Examples

Drawing Example
Vitamin Seed

Easy to understand - whiteboard videos utilize innovative sketches that capture the attention of the audience much better so that they do not feel bored or get sidetracked.

Whiteboard Animation Example

Whiteboard videos are excellent in assisting your audience remember your brand name and company.

Whiteboard Animation Example
Cofense Triage

Its simpleness is exactly what makes it an excellent choice to utilize whiteboard videos.

Whiteboard Explainer Example
Military City

Whiteboard videos utilize imaginative sketches that capture the attention of the audience much better so that they do not feel bored or get sidetracked and look away.

Drawing Example

Whiteboard videos are perfect for audiences with brief attention periods or are too hectic to look at full-length videos.

Whiteboard Explainer Example

Whiteboard videos are appealing and innovative, so people value watching them.

Whiteboard Explainer Example

Whiteboard videos are intriguing, so viewers are most likely to speak about it with others

Whiteboard Example

Your business provides a solution, but sometimes it requires some explanation. That is where we come in.

Whiteboard Animation Example
Four Seasons Maui

Sites that have a video that can get visitors attention rapidly and keep them from leaving the page so quick.

Sketch Example
Gorilla Desk

Whiteboard videos acquire so much interest because they are enjoyable and inform the story of your product or service.

Whiteboard Example
Aeropure Fans

Because people hyper focus on whiteboard videos, the viewer also recalls more of your message than regular videos.

Whiteboard Explainer Example

Whiteboard animation makes even dry material interesting. We blend professional quality audio with illustrations that come to on the screen.

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Custom Whiteboard Videos
Used For
  • Sales Video
  • Onboarding
  • Educational Video
  • Training Video
You Get
  • Custom Drawings
  • Professional Voice Over
  • Skilled Editing and Compositing
  • Phone Consultation
Cost Effective
Cofense Triage

Making a marketing video of any quality can be both time-consuming and costly. They need many hours of work, especially if you are aiming for good video and sound quality. We charge on a per-minute basis. Since you approve the script in advance, you can influence the final cost by trimming the script to essentials only.

It is surprising, given how effective and affordable whiteboard video is, that it is not used more. Now is a great time to try this medium, while your competitors are still relying on old content formats.

Rich Media
Gorilla Desk

Engaging rich media content must strike the perfect balance between informative and interesting. Whiteboard Video offers an excellent alternative to most textual forms of web content. It showcases data through an interesting medium.

Whiteboard video, gives audiences a concise and stimulating look at what your company has to offer.

Affordable Advertising
Collaboration Vs Survey
You can get a professional Whiteboard Video from us and link it with your website and social media. This will increase your brand's awareness and engage potential customers. Everyone is visiting websites and using social media now. The digital environment of the internet is a valuable platform. It can introduce thousands to your products or services. Millions invest in online ads because they can affordably reach out to potential customers.