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You need Green Screen Video

Are you editing your own Internet video? Don't waste countless hours and money auditioning actors, setting up the green screen, lighting and sound, when we can do it all for less. Talking Heads® has shot over 40,000 green screen clips and know how to get you a great, easy to edit green screen file. We can even do the key for you, if you prefer.


Ordering a Greenscreen Video is Simple and Easy!


All of our Video Spokespeople are professional actors and actresses with years of experience.

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No one knows your business better than you. Once you have sent us your script, we will film your video and then send it to you.


Our Professional Videographers, Experienced Spokespeople, and Video Editors, Film your Script and we send you a high-resolution file.

Green Screen Examples

  • Perfect for Video Production
  • High Definition
  • For all Video Editors

With Talking Heads'® Green Screen video we will provide you with a HD video of your chosen spokesperson. Then you can add your own background, muisic and motion graphics to complete your video.

Green Screen Video Example - 'Half Body'

Half Body

Green Screen Video Example - 'Full Body'

Full Body

Green Screen Video Example - 'Close Up'

Close Up

Green Screen Video Example - 'Three Quarter'

Three Quarter

Green Screen Video Example - 'Close Up'

Close Up

Green Screen Video Example - 'Half Body'

Half Body

What is Green Screen Video?

Green screen video is a technique that allows you to film in front of a green background, and then replace the background with another video or still image. The "green" in the name refers to the color of the screen, not to any particular shade of green. You can call it greenscreen, chroma keying, transparent video, and green screen video.

In general, we call these videos chroma key or green screen because they use a technique called chroma keying which allows filmmakers to replace the background with any other image they want. Television uses this technique for weather reports, news, and entertainment shows. In these cases, the presenter stands in front of a green screen and speaks about the topic at hand. The camera is then moved to capture their surroundings from different angles.

Many companies use this technique for digital filmmaking, as well as for other applications such as video game design, photo manipulation, and special effects.

George Albert Smith invented the green screen technique in 1898, when he filmed live actors as part of his short film The Young Mr. Lincoln. Most people are familiar with how a Television Weatherperson stands in front of a map showing the weather, this uses green screen technology. Filmmakers also use it as an alternative to expensive special effects for making actors appear as if they are flying in the sky, swimming underwater, or floating in space.

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