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Website Spokesperson

  • For Your Website
  • Includes Our Player
  • HTML5 Compatible
  • Mobile Friendly

Have a Website Spokesperson will greet visitors, help them feel more comfortable at your website, give your business a professional face, clarify the important parts of your website and help the visitor to understand how your products and services will benefit them.

You also recieve our propriatory video player which is extremely customizable and comes with all the features you will need to make your Spokesperson work for you. You can also choose from our specialty players.

Green Screen Video

  • Perfect for Video Production
  • High Definition
  • For all Video Editors

With Talking Heads'® Green Screen Video we will provide you with a HD video of your chosen spokesperson. Then you can add your own background, music and motion graphics to complete your video. You save time and hundreds or thousands of dollars. We provide you with a hi-res file to use in your Internet video project.

Green Screen Example - .$example->name.

Half Body

Green Screen Example - .$example->name.

Full Body

Green Screen Example - .$example->name.

Close Up

Green Screen Example - .$example->name.

Three Quarter

Green Screen Example - .$example->name.

Close Up

Green Screen Example - .$example->name.

Half Body

Video Presentation

  • Planning Session
  • Spokesperson
  • Motion Graphics
  • Images, Text, Video

When you choose one of our Custom Video Presentations we enable you to deliver a direct, confident and clear message.

We use Text, Images, Video, Sound and Spokespeople to create appealing videos that engage your audience.

You can also add a Logo Reveal to Dynamically show off your logo.

Whiteboard Video

  • Planning Session
  • Explain your Product/Service
  • Fast Paced

Your company offers a solution to your clients, but sometimes that solution or product needs some explaining.

A Whiteboard Video from Talking Heads® helps savvy online marketers or companies to get their message across in a powerful and convincing way.

Animation Video

  • Planning Session
  • Tutorials
  • Instructional Videos

Do you have a product, service or procedure that you need to explain to lots people? Talking Heads® can turn it into an animated video!

Animation is a powerful technique that is able to easily explain things step-by-step, and it keeps the attention of the user!

Basic Video

  • Spokesperson
  • Background
  • Your Logo/Branding

Use Talking Heads'® Basic Video to deliver an impactful, interactive and highly targeted message. Just choose one of our many experienced spokespeople, send us your script and logo.

Then we put it all together and provide you a Full HD 1920X1080 video in MP4 format. Upload it to YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and other Social Media sites.

#1 Video Production

Ignite Buying

Get Results

We use fast-paced, brain stimulated imagery and content to ignite your customers build their interest in your solution and ignite their buying habits.

You need a professional video to help customers understand your service and then be motivated to buy. We get that! Our videos focus on results.

After making over 15,000 videos we understand that certain styles of video work better for different companies. Thats why we don't just make one style of video. We want to make sure you get the best results possible.

About Examples

Here are examples of the many types of videos we can make for you. Use a Website Spokesperson to greet visitors to your site. If you are a professional video developer you can use one of our Professional Spokespeople in your next internet video project. Use a Custom Video Presentation to demonstrate your product. Use a whiteboard or animation video to show your process or service.