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Hypnotize With the Hand

Scientific studies show our brains like watching a hand draw. We are pulled in and can’t take our eyes off. Have your Chalkboard Video drawn for your Clients.

Candy for the Brain

Chalkboard causes a dopamine rush. This increases the viewers focus, memory, and enjoyment. Your cients will watch your Chalkboard video. We like it! We REALLY like it!

Guess What I’m Drawing

As the hand reveals the drawing. Our brains asks, “What is that?” It tries to guess and when it’s right it rewards itself with more brain candy.

Affordable Advertising

You can get a professional Whiteboard Video from us and link it with your website and social media. This will increase your brand's awareness and engage potential customers. Everyone is visiting websites and using social media now. The digital environment of the internet is a valuable platform. It can introduce thousands to your products or services. Millions invest in online ads because they can affordably reach out to potential customers.
Chalkboard Animation Video Example

Chalkboard Video

In Chalboard video rather than revealing the images on a Whiteboard the video is made to mimic a person drawing on a Blackboard or Chalkboard. These Videos can be found in various styles, while the design can depend upon the artist's private style, they will try to look like something that would be drawn on a chalkboard or blackboard. The Best Blackboard Style Videos are custom made. Learn more here.


Before we start, We interview you. We discover WHAT you do, HOW you do it, and WHY you do it that method? We wish to be on the exact same page as you; like we work there.


The very best scripts are a collective. You understand your company. We understand inspiration, impact and language. Integrated, we are unstoppable.


We have actually produced countless Videos for a few of the biggest service worldwide. They trust us to develop a fantastic item that will affect their clients.

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