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Hypnotize With the Hand

Scientific studies show our brains like watching a hand draw. We are pulled in and can’t take our eyes off. Have your Blackboard Drawing Video drawn for your Clients.

Candy for the Brain

Blackboard Drawing causes a dopamine rush. This increases the viewers focus, memory, and enjoyment. Your cients will watch your Blackboard Drawing video. We like it! We REALLY like it!

Guess What I’m Drawing

As the hand reveals the drawing. Our brains asks, “What is that?” It tries to guess and when it’s right it rewards itself with more brain candy.

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You are in Good Company

Call 801-748-2281 to learn why Fortune 100’s, startups, small and mid-size businesses trust Talking Heads® with their Blackboard Drawing Videos."It 's Time We Talk" about your Video Solution.

Professional Blackboard Drawing Video

Blackboard Videos created by a Professional Video Production company can increase your sales and close rates.

When they are looking at the numbers, you should be reminding them WHY they should be working with you. We will work closely with you to develop a clear message that sparks their motivation to engage with your company.


Templates are generic and lack the magic that make your company unique. Questionnaires are like phone surveys, they don’t dig deep enough to really understand what you do. And over used Images Libraries just suck! You want your own custom message, not someone else’s leftovers.

What is Whiteboard Video?

A whiteboard video is a video that reveals an individual attracting pictures and also text on a whiteboard. Whiteboard animation videos are seen primarily on the internet on YouTube and also Vimeo. For academic functions, whiteboard animation videos have actually been made use of to teach foriegn languages, instruct service employees various organisation plans, show a brand-new software program application or product to customers, or are utilized as phase summaries for scholastic publications.

Whiteboad Styles

Whiteboard Videos can be found in several styles. The style could rely on the artist's private design. Likewise, various overal look of the video such as the use or not use of color, if there is animation, font style of any text and so on.

Other Names

Whiteboard Video can also be called several names. Several of these names represent a various imaginative style while others the emphasis of the video. These names consist of;

Explainer videos offer fast as well as simple access to any type of subject. They are created to 'discuss' points. Wikkipedia even has actually a task called Wiki Loves Explainer Videos to advertise making use of Explainer Videos on wikipedia. "You might have seen the one or the other explainer video published in the body of some Wikipedia short articles. Such videos are made to match the text (and pictures) of a post. This is especially beneficial to site visitors that call for an easy-to-understand and fast access to the subject of the short article, which explainer videos could give."
Animation Whiteboard generally suggests the video will certainly include actual animation in the video rather than simply revealing the artist's hand drawing the video.
Computer animated Explainer
Denotes the combination of Animation and also Explainer style of Video
Blackboard as well as Chalkboard
In Blackboard and Chalboard videos rather than revealing the attracting taking place on a Whiteboard(whitebackground) the video is created to replicate someone illustration on a Blackboard or Chalkboard.
Doodle, Drawing, and also Sketch
These designs of Whiteboard video concentrate on revealing the musician's hand drawing, mapping out, or scribbling the art of the video.
A Typography Whiteboard focuses on making use of the drawing of words in a dynamic way to highlight the factor of the video.

Informing Your Story

Whiteboard animation is a treatment where an imaginative tale and also storyboard with photos is made use of a whiteboard (or something that appears like a whiteboard) by musicians who tape themselves in the treatment of their artwork. The term "whiteboard animation" comes from the treatment of somebody image on a whiteboard as well as tape-recording it. Whiteboard animation videos are seen mostly on the web on YouTube as well as Vimeo. For scholastic features, whiteboard animation videos have really been made use of to uncover languages, teach service employees different business plans, reveal a brand-new software application or item to consumers, or are utilized as chapter recaps for instructional books. Beginning in 2010, the Royal Society of Arts transformed picked speeches and also publications from its public occasions program into whiteboard computer animations.

Not All Whiteboard Videos are equal

Clearly, not all whiteboard videos are equal, so, we collaborate with you to develop one of the most reliable whiteboard video for your firm and your message. We concentrate on supercharged messages utilizing eye-catching whiteboard computer animations. This turns on the facility and also participation of the audiences' mind. We make incredibly dependable, promoting whiteboard artist VIDEOS that clarify your thing, organisation, administration or shows.

Hypnotize Your Audience

Whiteboard video boost your site visitors' minds. Whiteboard picture is like a time gadget with each new picture virtually hypnotizing your audience. Because of this active focus, the target market also bears in mind a lot more of your whiteboard animation that normal videos.


Before we begin, We ask questions. We learn WHAT you do, HOW you do it, and WHY you do it that way? We want to be on the same page as you; like we work there.


The best scripts are a collaborative. You know your business. We know motivation, language and influence. Combined, we are unstoppable.


We have created hundreds of Blackboard Drawing Videos for some of the largest business in the world. They trust us to create a great product that will influence their customers.

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